One reed source:

"A reed" from the allusion "a reed crossing the river"The Buddha dharma master prepared to cross the river without a boat, so he folded a reed at the edge of the river and threw it into the river. Dharma master with the help of a reed smooth crossing the river, and a common grass also because of dharma master point into heaven into Buddha.We compare the company platform to the reed that helps the dharma master to float across the river, and compare every possible talent to the dharma master who practices morality and becomes Buddha. The two rely on each other and ultimately achieve each other.

LOGO meaning:

The English part of the LOGO is Areed, meaning Areed in Chinese. The image of the left part of "A" in English is reed rod, which means the arrow waiting to be fired. The right part of the image for reed leaves, meaning to pull the bow.The firm rod as the arrow and the flexible leaf as the bow symbolize the combination of hardness and softness of the company. Rational management and human care jointly promote the development of the company. The "arrow" to be launched in "A" has A 25 degree Angle with the horizontal direction, which indicates that the company does not aim at short-term profits, but focuses on long-term and solid brand development strategy. The "reed" and "A "on the right form the "Feed". This symbolizes that the company always provides customers with the best quality feida program. The English color on the left side of the LOGO is light green, which symbolizes the company's sustainable development, independent innovation and environmental protection of products, and also implies that the company is a young group full of vigor and vitality. The Chinese color on the right is grey, symbolizing the company's technological characteristics and rigorous attitude towards technology.